Hose and heavy duty clamps

For over 40 years, Atlantic Man. has been developing and manufacturing clamping and fastening solutions for professional uses, in particular stainless- steel bolt clamps designed for particularly demanding applications and high operating pressures, wire clamps ideal for tightening soft or spiral hoses and screw clamps to ensure appropriate performances with medium operating applications. Heavy duty clamps and hose clamps made by Atlantic Man. are manufactured according to all the standards of processing and selection of materials provided by the RoHS Directive (Regulation 2002/95/EC of 1 July 2006): they are, therefore, functional-design products which are characterized by their high reliability, thanks to the use of high quality materials that guarantee excellent performance in many fields of application, effectively responding to the needs of the agricultural, naval, automotive, industrial, food and DIY sectors.
The experience gained in all these years of constant presence on the market allows Atlantic Man. not only to produce superior quality products, but also to quickly meet all customer needs, developing products on a specific design or customizing packaging. Also, Atlantic Man. is today the only company able to combine the high quality of a stainless-steel hose clamp with the same price competitiveness of a product made with galvanized steel, thus ensuring the performance and strength of stainless steel even in the most economical applications.