Enhancing Agricultural Irrigation with Atlantic Man’s Fastenings

Thanks to our hose clamps and heavy-duty clamps, the effectiveness of Agrimil Tech’s irrigation systems has significantly improved.

In the agricultural sector, where precision and reliability are essential to ensure healthy crops and minimize water waste, even clamping systems play a crucial role.

Here’s how our fastening solutions have brought tangible benefits to farmers and their crops.


Agrimil Tech, our business partner for several years, is committed to designing and implementing efficient and reliable irrigation systems. One of the main challenges the company faces is to ensure uniform irrigation without water leaks in drip irrigation systems installed in open fields.


To meet this need, we have proposed to Agrimil Tech to secure connections with two of our most performing products:

EURO W2 Hose Clamp

EURO bolt clamp, designed to withstand high pressures, ensures a constant connection between tubes and rubber hose fittings. This product guarantees strong and reliable fastening, essential to prevent pressure losses and, consequently, ensure a uniform distribution of water.

Double Wire Screw Clamp

This clamp allows to perfectly seal each joint of the irrigation system, preventing dripping and thus ensuring that each part of the soil receives the optimal amount of water for crop growth.


The application of Atlantic Man clamping systems has brought significant benefits to Agrimil Tech and the farmers using their irrigation systems:

For Efficient and Sustainable Irrigation

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