Optimizing agricultural practices with clamping systems

All possible applications of hose and heavy-duty clamps in agriculture.

In the agricultural sector, where efficiency and precision are crucial for optimal results, the use of fastening systems such as hose clamps and heavy-duty clamps is becoming increasingly widespread. Although commonly known to be used in irrigation systems, these devices actually find utility for various types of applications, ensuring the proper functioning of systems and facilitating agricultural activities.

Irrigation and Fertigation

In agricultural irrigation systems, hose clamps allow preventing leakage of water or fertilizers destined for crops, ensuring airtight connections between the various components and the correct sprinkling of nutrients.

It is important to select the clamp according to the material and diameter of the tube used in the irrigation system (such as PVC, polyethylene, rubber, etc.) to ensure optimal sealing over time. Furthermore, their correct installation is essential to avoid damage and keep the system efficient in the long run.


Our GOLD bolt clamp, particularly suitable for all applications in contact with water, is used in agriculture for self-propelled irrigation systems and Layflat hoses.

Ventilation Systems

Hose clamps can also be used to fasten ventilation system tubes in barns or greenhouses, ensuring optimal airflow inside environments dedicated to animals and protected crops, and improving thermal comfort.

To ensure the durability and efficiency of the system over time, it is advisable to use clamping systems made of stainless steel, able to withstand even high temperatures.


Our MAGNUM bolt clamp, designed for large applications, is the ideal solution for ventilation system ducts.

Agricultural Machinery

Hose and heavy-duty clamps can also be used inside agricultural vehicles and machinery, such as tractors and harvesters, to secure various connections and guarantee their proper functioning.

In this case, it is important to opt for clamping systems designed to effectively withstand continuous vibrations and mechanical stresses.


Our EURO bolt clamp possesses the right sealing and durability requirements.

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