Mistakes to avoid with hose clamps and heavy-duty clamps

A proper use of clamping systems ensures the safety and effectiveness of the systems.

Hose and heavy-duty clamps are essential for securing connections in various installations, such as preventing the entry of pathogens into food processing machinery or avoiding leakages and failures in boats and motor vehicles.

However, an incorrect use can compromise the safety of the system: here are some common mistakes that can be made in the choice and application of clamping systems and how to avoid them.

Incorrect choice of clamp

Using a clamp not suitable for the size or type of the hose and the pressure of the application can cause problems with the operation of the involved systems: this is why it is important to choose the most suitable clamping system, considering the diameter of the tube, the thickness and material it is made of, as well as the pressure exerted on it.

Excessive or insufficient tightening

The correct application of hose clamps is essential to ensure the reliability of a connection: excessive tightening can risk damaging the hoses, leading to potential failures, while insufficient tightening may result in leakages, compromising the system's efficiency.

To ensure the right seal, avoiding material wear, it is important to use a clamp that can adhere perfectly to the geometry of the hose, fixing it with the most suitable tool according to the recommended tightening torque.

Failure to consider environmental conditions

Even the use of hose clamps that do not consider the conditions of the application context can affect the effectiveness of the connection: therefore, to choose the most suitable fastening, it is necessary to consider external environmental conditions, temperature and pressure specifications and compatibility with the fluids circulating inside the hoses.

Our fastening systems are made of stainless steel, which ensures the seal of the clamp even when subjected to very high temperatures and ensures an extraordinary corrosion resistance even in the most difficult environments.

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