Prevent food contamination with hose clamps

By applying the best clamping systems, food processing industry can protect its products, preserving all its properties.

Contamination is one of the main threats to face in the food industries: some contaminants may already be present in incoming raw ingredients, but in many cases bacteria can be unintentionally incorporated during food processing stages in the factories, undermining workers’ safety and consumer health.

However, a proper management of the production chain and of the systems involved eliminates any risk: in particular, by securing the connections of food processing equipment with an appropriate clamping system, it is possible to prevent leakage and dispersion of substances, transfer of flavours and entry of pathogens that could spoil the integrity and taste of the processed food.

Which fastening solutions to choose?

Clamping systems applied in food processing machinery must be able to withstand high temperatures, high pressures and vibrations and contact with acidic and greasy substances. The products that meet all these requirements are bolt clamps: ensuring a greater clamping force than other clamps, allow to avoid both the leakage of material and the entry of external elements potentially harmful to the food solution.

Specifically, in aseptic environments such as food establishments, we recommend the use of heavy-duty clamps made of AISI304 stainless steel (W4), because they don’t fear contact with chemicals or detergents commonly used to clean and sanitize machinery.

Properly close the hose clamp

Once identified the most suitable heavy-duty clamp, it is important to fix it correctly: to do this, you have to use the recommended tightening torque depending on the bolt size, to avoid that the seal is too weak or that, instead, exceed the permitted measure, causing the material to excessively stretch and break.

Our bolt clamps can be applied either with traditional manual tools, or with electric and pneumatic screwdrivers.

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