Applications of hose clamps and heavy duty clamps in the automotive industry

In-vehicle connections require different fastening systems.

One of the aspects to consider when choosing a clamping system is the intended use: in the automotive industry the application of hose and heavy duty clamps is particularly widespread. Inside cars, in fact, there are many connections to secure and to avoid malfunctions or anomalies you need to apply a clamp that can fit perfectly the layout of the hose, protecting it from leaks and damage and ensuring the correct flow of fluids: in order to identify the most suitable fixing solution, it is necessary to assess, in addition to the diameter and material, also the pressure and temperature requirements to which the hoses are subjected inside the main engineering systems of the vehicle.

Fuel System


The connections involved in the fuel system, responsible for supplying fuel to the vehicle engine, require clamps that can withstand medium-high operating pressures: in these cases, it's better to choose, according to the diameter of the hose, a stainless-steel (W4) standard (12mm) or mini (9mm) screw clamp.

Cooling System


The cooling system of a car aims to keep the temperature of the engine within predetermined limits to ensure proper functioning: in most cases, for a conservative system like this, the tightness guaranteed by a spring clamp, designed for small diameters and light-duty applications, is enough.

Exhaust and Intake Systems


Vehicle exhaust systems consist of different components, which involve different hoses. Being particularly heavy applications, stainless steel (W4) bolt clamps, like our EURO, are the best choice because they firmly secure connections, are anti-corrosive, can withstand high temperatures and continuous vibration and stress. Heavy duty clamps are also applied inside the intake system, thanks to their anti-corrosion and thermal shock resistance.

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