Heavy duty clamps, screw clamps or wire clamps?

How to choose the best fastening solution for every application.

Not all hose clamps are the same: even if they all secure the connection of the hoses so that no leakage or damage will occur, each clamping solution has its own peculiarities and to identify the most suitable one, depending on the needs, you have to consider some aspects.

Workload to support

To ensure the highest performance of the clamp, the amount of pressure exerted on the tube and the vibrations to which it could be subjected must be evaluated.

Type of hose

Although fastening systems tend to be versatile, there are more functional clamps for certain types of connections than others depending on the thickness or the material of the hose.

Clamping diameter

To prevent the hose from excessive pressure or fluid leakage, the dimensions of the hose must be precisely checked so that the clamp used can adhere perfectly.

Application fields

Hose clamps can be used in many application fields: from agriculture to industry and up to DIY; therefore, it is necessary to evaluate the conditions where the clamp will be exposed. If, for example, the application takes place in a highly corrosive environment, it is necessary to choose a fastening system able to withstand contact with water or chemical solutions.

Considering these evaluations, it will be easier to choose the most suitable product between heavy duty clamp, screw clamp and wire clamp.

Heavy duty clamp

Bolt clamps are the most suitable fastening solution for high diameters. Made of stainless steel, they are designed to be used in case of particularly demanding applications and high operating pressures.

Our “GOLD” bolt clamp, with its reinforced double loop and the three-point welding, guarantees seal and durability without causing any damage to the hose. Thanks to its corrosion resistance, it is particularly suitable for applications in direct contact with water or with particularly aggressive solutions.

Screw clamp

Screw clamps are suitable for most standard industrial applications. Made of stainless steel, they can withstand medium workloads and medium operating pressures.


Our“STANDARD” screw clamp, manufactured in accordance with the DIN3017 quality standards, has a bandwidth of 12mm and can be applied in agricultural irrigation systems and in various distributions inside vehicles.

Wire clamp

Wire clamps, designed for light-duty applications and low operating pressures, consist of a double galvanized steel wire that fits perfectly to the layout of spiral hoses or tubes that have particularly thin thicknesses without damaging them.


Ourdouble wire screw clamp ensures an effective seal in industrial vacuum systems.

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