Application of hose clamps in the naval industry

Leakages and failures in vessels can be prevented by using the appropriate clamping systems.

Like motor vehicles, marine vessels also have various connections to secure: unlike cars, however, ships and boats are in direct contact with brackish water and moving in a particularly harsh environment such as the marine one, their connections require hose and heavy duty clamps able to guarantee greater reliability and corrosion resistance.

What to consider

Those involved in construction and maintenance of maritime vessels works to prevent two problems: the leakage of fluids from the boat due to leaks or failures and the entry of sea water into the hoses that could compromise the integrity of the vessel. Besides evaluating the workload to support and the clamping diameter, it is necessary to first make sure that the hose clamp is made of stainless steel: fastening solutions in direct contact with salt water, in fact, must have a very high corrosion resistance ability. Specifically, the application of clamps made of AISI316 (W5) stainless steel is particularly suited, because their prolonged exposure to salt spray during laboratory tests showed a higher anti-corrosion resistance than the others (more than 1000 hours).

However, solutions in AISI304 (W4) stainless steel are often preferred because they are cheaper, but they have a much lower corrosion resistance ability: a fair compromise is to distinguish the application fields, using clamps with the W4 marking in all internal connections, such as those in the vessel’s engine room, and using AISI316 clamps for hoses in direct contact with seawater and exposed to atmospheric agents.

Our solutions

To avoid leaks and failures, a common practice among insiders is to double the use of hose clamps, because it is assumed that two clamping systems, applying a higher pressure around the hose, provide greater stability to the connection. With a single Atlantic Man heavy duty clamp, however, you can ensure equally uniform force distribution by using only one high-quality item: we can offer a complete range of stainless steel fastening solutions, available in both W4 and W5 versions, able to meet any need of the marine industry.

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